The Ministry

The Ministry of Education, Children and Youth is responsible for preparing and implementing government policy on education, childhood and youth.

Whether formal or non-formal education is involved, good quality and socially fair education and care are essential so that all children, all young people and all adults have equal opportunities with a view to shaping their future.

Adapting the education system to a constantly changing society and to the needs of an increasingly diverse population is at the heart of the Ministry's education policy. In order to give all young people access to new learning strategies and educational projects using digital technology, the Ministry is in charge of the development and implementation of the national e-learning and access strategy to digital resources throughout life.   

In the same logic of equal opportunities, the Ministry ensures that high quality services are available in the childcare structures. It is implementing a multidisciplinary and participatory youth policy, the better to accompany young people during the complex period constituted by their transition from adolescence to adulthood.

On 4 December 2013, Claude Meisch began his first term as Minister of Education, Children and Youth. Following the legislative elections of 4 December 2018, he was appointed Minister of Education, Children and Youth on 5 December 2018.

The main missions of the Ministry include:

  • legislation and general policy on education (excluding higher education) as well as lifelong training: determining national programmes and curricula, organisation and content of syllabuses, issuing national diplomas, recruitment and management of school staff, etc.;
  • legislation and general policy on childhood: childcare structures; the "chèque-service accueil" childcare voucher scheme, assistance for children, adoption, children's rights, etc.;
  • legislation and general policy on youth: services for young people, participation of young people, training of youth leaders, etc.;
  • supervision and assessment of education policies, with a view to ensuring a coherent education system;
  • music education: development of the offer and educational coordination of music education in school structures, education and care services and music schools;
  • the promotion of the Luxembourgish language: coordination of the implementation of the action plan for the promotion of the Luxembourgish language.

All these missions and attributions of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth are defined in the Grand-Ducal Decree of 5 December 2018 constituting the Ministries.

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