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  1. On 19 October 2021, the 6th meeting of the Franco-Luxembourg Intergovernmental Commission to strengthen cross-border cooperation (IGC) took place in Esch-Belval. The delegation of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was led by Ms Corinne Cahen, Minister for the Greater Region, and that of the French Republic by Mr Clément Beaune, Secretary of State for European Affairs.

  2. For the week of 4 to 10 October, the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 has increased from 591 to 675 cases (+14%), as well as the number of their identified close contacts, which increased to 3,540, compared to 2,827 cases the week before (+25%).

  3. During the week from 13 to 19 September, the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 remained stable at 542 compared to 553 the previous week (-2%), while the number of their identified close contacts increased from 1,477 to 1,857 (+28%).

  4. On 2 September 2021, the Minister for Education, Children and Youth, Claude Meisch, and the Minister of Health, Paulette Lenert, presented the COVID-19 health scheme (Stufeplang) which will apply from the start of the 2021-2022 school year. As in the previous year, the objective of the health system remains “Maximal Chancë fir d'Bildung, minimal Chancë fir de Virus”.

  5. The 2019/2020 school year was a challenge for teachers, students and parents alike. The coming weeks will provide an opportunity to rest and recharge, but also to prepare well for the start of the school year in September for those in need and those who feel like they could benefit from it.

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