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  1. At the start of the 2024/2025 school year, children in the cycle 1 of primary education will be introduced to MATHI, a new series of teaching materials and, above all, a new method for learning mathematics. On Tuesday 19 March 2024, the Minister of Education, Children and Youth, Claude Meisch, attended the official launch of the MATHI materials at the Campus Geesseknäppchen.

  2. On Tuesday 3 October 2023, the white paper on the new fundamental education curriculum was presented at the Geesseknäppchen Forum in the presence of Claude Meisch, Minister of Education, Children and Youth, Luc Weis, Director of the Department for the Coordination of Educational and Technological Research and Innovation (SCRIPT).

  3. On 18 July 2023, the Minister of Education, Children and Youth, Claude Meisch, officially opened the second regional "Eltereforum" in Bettembourg. The official opening of the first Parents' Forum took place on 8 February 2023 in Niederanven.

  4. When a schoolyear ends, many schoolbooks are no longer used. They are often left untouched to gather dust at home or even thrown away. Such actions have significant environmental consequences!

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