"Froen zum Lycée": the first podcast series from the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth

To mark the 3rd edition of the YEP!-Schoulfoire, the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth is inaugurating a new communication channel with "edutalk" podcasts. The first series of podcasts is dedicated to the range of secondary schools in Luxembourg.

A new format for an essential theme

The Ministry for Education, Children and Youth is launching its "edutalk" podcast brand, with the first series focusing on one of the priorities of its education policy: school offer.

What national and international programmes do state schools offer? What is the difference between classical education and general education at lycée? What options are available in seventh grade for new high school students? How can pupils from abroad get into secondary education in Luxembourg? The "Froen zum Lycée" (questions about secondary school) podcast series aims to answer all the questions parents of pupils starting secondary school in Luxembourg may have.

Experts take to the microphone to explain the school system and its offer

This series of audio interviews with ministry staff aims to provide parents with the keys to success when choosing their children's educational path. Experts from the secondary education service, the Maison de l'orientation, the Service des offres internationales et européennes and the Service de l'intégration et de l'accueil scolaires present the wide diversity and specific features of the public secondary education offer.

Three episodes are in Lëtzebuergesch and one, on the integration of pupils from abroad, is in French. Easy to access and practical, podcasts offer a complementary form of content for people interested in a particular theme. The "edutalk" podcasts are available on the ministry's website under the heading "edutalk: Froen zum lycée" on edutalk.men.lu as well as on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Listen now:

#1 National oder international ëffentlech Schoul?

#2 Klassesche Lycée oder Général?

#3 Wéi eng 7e fir mäi Kand?

#4 Quel lycée pour les élèves de l'étranger?

Press release by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth

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