"Eng Schoul fir jiddereen" - a campaign to raise awareness of inclusive education

The new awareness campaign "Eng Schoul fir jiddereen" (A school for everyone) launched by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth aims to raise awareness and inform parents, pupils and national education staff about the possibilities of school inclusion for pupils with special needs, and to promote inclusive education.

One of the main principles of the Luxembourg education system is to be accessible to all pupils, including those with special needs. The aim is to take everyone's diversity into account and to offer them the educational pathway that best suits their needs.

With the introduction and ongoing adaptation of a system to support pupils with special needs, Luxembourg is investing heavily in inclusive education. The aim is to enable students to continue their education in their regular school class, where this is possible and desired by the pupil and his parents.

Launched on 12 June 2023, the "Eng Schoul fir jiddereen" campagne calls on the public, inviting interested parties to find out about the measures put in place to promote inclusive education and providing better information about how the system works for the players involved.

The campaign is based around informative videos, posters displayed nationwide on street furniture and in schools and educational establishments, and a presence on the web and social networks. It is designed to reach a wide audience over a period of one month.

Press release by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth


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