For improved responsiveness: accelerated dispatch of COVID-19 test prescriptions and mobile testing teams to schools

The sanitary arrangements for schools foresee that in the event of an isolated case in a class (scenario 1), i.e. when only one pupil or teacher in a class is tested positive for COVID-19, the class concerned continues to attend school, while being separated from other classes within the school building. In addition, the pupils and the teacher(s) of the class are invited to be tested on the 6th day after the last contact with the person tested positive. ​

Testing is a central element in contributing to the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus.

The Ministry of Education, Children and Youth and the Ministry of Health have decided to adapt the existing operating methods in order to ensure greater responsiveness in the implementation of the national education health system.

Faster dispatch of test prescriptions

To ensure timely receipt, the distribution of test prescriptions will now be handled by the National Education services. Thus, orders will be issued in two forms: on the one hand, directly to the parents of the pupils (or to the adult pupil) by email, and, on the other hand, in a printed version distributed to the pupils by the teachers.

Setting up mobile testing teams in schools

In order to test pupils in classes affected by scenario 1 more quickly, mobile testing teams will visit school buildings to test the pupils and teachers concerned on the spot. The carrying out of the test will be subject to the agreement of the adult pupil or to parental consent in the case of under-age pupils.

Samples will be taken during class hours. No tests will be done during the weekend. Those who do not wish to take advantage of this offer will still be able to visit a laboratory or centre carrying out COVID-19 tests.

A dozen mobile teams are already being trained and will start their activities in the week of 16 November. They will each consist of two people, including a health professional who will take the oral samples. The second person will be responsible for the administrative management of the tests, i.e. checking that the medical prescription matches the national registration number of the person to be tested.

The results will continue to be transmitted exclusively to the person tested or to the parents of the minor pupil.


Press release by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth


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